What do kitchen installers do?

Information on what kitchen installers do | Kitchen fitters main duties explainedAre you thinking about becoming one of the many kitchen installers in London or considering having a kitchen installation carried out and want to know exactly what a kitchen fitter does? Well, you are in the right place! On this page I want to run you through the general duties of kitchen fitters in London. This will hopefully give you an idea about whether a kitchen fitter is going to be right for you or not.

For small jobs kitchen specialists will generally work on their own. If the job is slightly larger then they may join up with some other kitchen installers and work as a small team to complete your kitchen installation. For the most part they will be able to complete all of the work. However, it is worth noting that completing some work will require them outsourcing. This is due to legal constraints. For example, there are some types of plumbing and electrical work that a kitchen fitter will not have the experience or qualifications to complete. In addition to this, they will almost certainly need to outsource any work that is completed with regards to gas due to the inherent unsafe nature of gas work if it is completed incorrectly. All of this will be included in your bill though and it is going to be a great deal cheaper than hiring everybody on your own.

What tasks and duties will kitchen installers undertake?

A kitchen fitter will be experienced with a range of different hand and power tools. In fact, in my opinion kitchen installers in London are probably amongst the most experienced out there when it comes to work with tools. There is no other trade which has quite such a big requirement for skill than a kitchen installer would need. Let’s take a little look at some of the duties that a kitchen fitter will undertake shall we?

  • Some of the more experienced kitchen installers out there will take on the role of a designer. They will work with their client to come up with a workable plan for the kitchen installation. This means they need to have the skill to take ideas and put them down onto paper. Their design will not only need to fit the general requirements of the person who has enlisted their help in terms of design but it will also need to fit the space that they have available as well as their budget!
  • Once the plan is in place it is the job of a kitchen installer to mark out the kitchen properly. This will ensure that everything is put in the right place when the kitchen installation starts properly. If they do not mark out the kitchen then it is likely that things could go wrong. Remember, having something even an inch out could result in a kitchen which does not look pleasing to the eye.
  • In most cases kitchen installers will be tasked with removing and disposing of any old units that are in the kitchen. They may even be required to get rid of old appliances as well. It is worth noting that this waste is known as trade waste. This means that it can’t be taken to the normal areas where you take your garbage. The kitchen fitter will thus need to take it to a special location. In addition to this the kitchen installers in London will need to clear up any waste at the end of the job and dispose of it properly!
  • The kitchen specialist is going to need to mark the location of any hidden pipes, cables or joists in the wall. This is important because if you drill through any of these then you are going to have problems! If you have plaster walls in your kitchen then it is important that the kitchen installer knows where the joists are as it is going to make their job a whole lot easier.
  • Quite often the kitchen fitter will take on a role that is normally the domain of other trades. For example, they may be required to paint walls, lay flooring, install new doors or even put some tiles on the wall.  They may also carry out minor electrical work, minor plumbing work and minor carpentry work. They should be able to tackle most things by themselves but as mentioned previously they may need to get in somebody that can do the job for them (this is very rare!)
  • Kitchen fitters will need to install new units and appliances. In some cases this is a rather simple job and the appliance can be fit right into the new location. In most cases however it is going to require careful thought and planning! (this is where the design stage comes in handy!). It is likely that a kitchen fitter will have a number of contacts in the industry which they will be able to utilise to help you save money on your kitchen installation.

On top of all of this a kitchen fitter is going to need to be able to actually sell their services. Therefore during their downtime they will need to drum up business. An experienced kitchen fitter (and a successful one for that matter) will need to have skills in marketing. This means getting people to know about their service. Trust me, when you realise just how many kitchen installers there are in London you will quickly realise what a mammoth task this is! In addition to this they are also going to require various skills in consulting to not only inform people about the services that they are able to provide but to also sell their services at the same time!

On top of all of this the kitchen installer is going to need to stay on top of the latest advancements in kitchen installation. This way they can be sure that they are always providing the customer with the best service possible!


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