Do I need to use a Kitchen Fitting Specialist?

When do I need kitchen fitting specialist | DIY kitchen renovationIf you have made the decision to have a new kitchen installation carried out then it is likely you are now trying to decide whether you should use a kitchen fitting specialist or not. As you may know, if you select the right kitchen fitters in London then they are not going to be as cheap as chips.

However, they are absolutely vital if you want your project done properly (in some cases it can actually be much more expensive to not hire a kitchen fitter!). Thankfully you are not going to need them in every situation. On this page I want to take a little look at when you should use a kitchen fitting specialist and when you should not.

Situation 1: Your kitchen renovation involves nothing more than perhaps a bit of painting, retiling or replacing kitchen cabinet doors

This is one of the situations where you are not going to need to hire a kitchen fitting specialist. To be honest with you, each of these jobs are fairly easy to complete. In fact, you should be able to manage them if you have basic DIY skills. If you want somebody a bit more professional than you to complete them though then I suggest that you get in touch with a general handyman to do the work. These people are going to be considerably cheaper than hiring kitchen fitters in London and thus will be completely worth it!

Situation 2: Replacing a few Appliances in your kitchen

This is a job where you may require a kitchen fitting specialist or you may not. If you are simply swapping out appliances (i.e. you are not really changing their position about too much) then this is a job that can be accomplished by a general handyman. If you need to move the appliances elsewhere though, for example, if you wish to move the dishwasher to another location then you may want to call in the experts. This is because it may require you putting in new electronics, water supply extension and/or drain pipe extension. Similarly moving other appliances may require you to plumb them in or install new gas works. None of this is something which you will be able to accomplish yourself and thus don’t try! It is not safe at all!

Situation 3: You are installing a brand new kitchen in a completely new room where you have not had a kitchen before

This is a situation where you are going to need to ensure that you track down the best kitchen fitters in London. Installing a new kitchen, no matter the size of the room, is going to be an absolutely mammoth task. There is so much work they are going to need to do in the room it is unbelievable. This is not a job that you will be able to do yourself. It is also not a job for a general handyman. It is only something that can be done by somebody who is experienced in kitchen fitting. If you do not choose the right team for the job then you are going to end up with something that is not as good as you thought it would be.

Situation 4: You are planning on having a new kitchen installation carried out. This includes the installation of some new appliances. Do you really need to hire a kitchen fitting specialist in this situation?

Kitchen installation options | Professional fitters from LondonIn this situation you are already going to have in mind some plans for the kitchen. You have ideas that you want brought to life but you have nothing firm yet.

This again is a situation where you are going to want to track down the best kitchen fitting specialists in London. Now, most people seem to think that they need to have a design in place before they get in touch with a kitchen fitter to carry out the rest of the kitchen installation. This idea could not be further from the truth. You see, part of the job of a professional kitchen fitter will be to work with you to actually put your idea into a conceivable plan.

Now, I know, it is likely that you probably have plenty of ideas floating around your head that you want done with your kitchen. The chances are that these ideas are not going to be workable though. For example, you may come up with a solution that is completely out of your budget or you may have an idea that does not fit into the space that you have available. Part of the job of the kitchen fitting specialist will be to put your ideas onto paper. Once the idea is worked out they will be able to carry out the kitchen installation for you!

Situation 5: You have carried out a kitchen installation some time ago and want to install a completely new one.

Again, this is a situation where you are going to want to get in touch with a professional kitchen fitter to carry out the work for you! If you work with a professional then they will be able to completely rip out your old kitchen and install the new one with ease. As mentioned previously, they will also be able to design the layout of your new kitchen and thus that means turning your dream into a reality!

This is of course just a small sample of when you may or may not want to hire kitchen fitting specialist in London to carry out the work for you. I am sure there is a situation that I have not mentioned to you where you may need to hire someone. It is up to you to decide whether you need somebody or not. Also read more about what exactly kitchen installers do.

One piece of advice here though, make sure you hire a kitchen fiiting specialist that is actually up to the job. If you do then you stand a much better chance of ending up with something that you will end up loving, and of course something that is going to save you money (choosing the wrong kitchen fitter is very expensive)

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